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For immediate release

A book entitled Terra Cotta by a new canadian author Claire H. Manning is now being launched. She broke the publishing barriers and made it available in PDF and ePub versions in this website.

You will find this to be an exciting read. It will open your mind to a possible future Earth.

Here is the first review of the book and here is the first review of the book. It will give your a glimps of what is in store for you.

"One would be inclined to think words like Armageddon, Pharmageddon, Apocalypse and « God’s Wrath » are good words to qualify future dramatic occurrences. But rarely do we hear about plain and strict Hope.
Claire Manning has built a short novel which, at first sight, appears to be only fantasy and entertainment, however, it would be a mistake to go on this first impression. Here is a genuine new writer who has something to say and says it very well. A depressing mood and dark thoughts have become « Orders of the day » in many of today's books, Manning uses a highly concise style to express obvious truths while dragging the reader into an eventful journey which could very well become a reality.
Her own professional and moral values are barely disguised and it is quite refreshing indeed to take a fresh new look at the actual world and smile with relief at the outcome. Such a viewpoint is cruelly missing and she is to be thanked for this hopeful glimpse into new possible realities."

A. Béliveau


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